Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Then and Now

I don't want my kids to Google their names in ten years, and a blog comes up with stories about how fragile they were with pictures of their suffering. So, I don't use their full names on here, and I probably won't share loads of pictures. But, today is a celebration of sorts because my daughter is now six months old, and soon my son will be 3. They are both so adorable and funny and HEALTHY. For moms just starting this journey, I know you dream of big, fat babies and wish with all your heart that your tiny baby you can't even touch was chubby and huggable. I used to wonder if my day would ever come. Now, I look at these two beautiful children, and yes, my day is here! So, as some encouragement, here is how my tiny babies started:

Miraculous, isn't it!!

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