Friday, December 6, 2013

Another Synagis Odyssey

Last night I opened the mail. A letter informed us that M will no longer receive secondary insurance, as of last week. Our secondary provider covered last month's Synagis shot and has approved her for four more. So, this morning began yet another odyssey for a Synagis shot. I spent an hour on the phone trying to work out why M is losing coverage six weeks early. The best I can hope for is one more Synagis shot for her, but, as any Preemie Parent knows, that one Synagis shot--especially during the holiday season--is worth all the hassle.

As I was getting off the phone with the staff member at our pediatrician's office who oversees all the Synagis approvals, I told her, "I am so thankful that I don't do this for a living!"

She laughed, but then she said something that surprised me. "Actually, it's all worth it when a child we didn't think would get Synagis does." That made me smile.

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