Thursday, February 20, 2014

How To Love, And How To Hate

Hatefulness. It's what's on my mind today. Not the plain mean hatefulness but the stupid kind. The kind that causes people to do and say awful things, when they should know better but they don't.

Some days I am so worn down. The job of caring for--or corralling, depending on the day--two little kids is so physically and mentally and emotionally exhausting that there just isn't much of me left over. In this exhaustion, I find that I care less about silly matters that might once have worried me. Generally, I believe this whole having-two-tiny-babies thing has made me more relaxed and more sympathetic, a much kinder person.

With one major exception. I just have zero tolerance for ugly human behavior. Bigotry, judgment of others, and hatefulness just wear me out. I don't have time to waste on anything, especially negativity, and I don't have any space in my life for ugliness. Two recent events come to mind, but they're really off topic for my preemie blog. So, I'll just say this: We are all in this world together. We're stuck with each other. And we can either be kind to each other and lift one another up, or we can choose to be miserable and make all those around us miserable too. Today, I choose kindness. Tomorrow, I plan on choosing kindness, and I hope that you'll choose kindness too.

And one more thing: Our babies are watching us. Always. And we are the ones who show them how to love and how to hate.

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