Thursday, August 1, 2013

Preemie Mama Thoughts

How does a Preemie Mama think?

The other day I noticed that M recognized her brother's name. I said it over and over, and she searched the room with her eyes until they settled on him. And because she's got the sweetest disposition, she smiled every, single time she recognized him. I was surprised that she already knows his name, and she's known her own name for a while. So, I started testing her. Did she know Mama and Papa? And she did. Each time she searched the room until she found the person. Of course, all parents are excited to see their child learning, but here's the difference. I am a Preemie Mama surrounded by statistics about all the ways my children will be different, abnormal, delayed. I am thrilled every time I see J run or laugh or talk. I am overjoyed at how smart he is--far more intelligent than my husband or me. It is just another way he has overcome the odds.

So, what was my first thought at realizing M is learning names? Relief. Because it means that she's already overcome some of the statistics.

And that's how a Preemie Mama thinks.

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