Friday, March 21, 2014

A Spring Cleaning

I love my kids with my whole heart, and I refuse to go very far for very long without them. But, by the looks of this blog and the rings under my eyes and the scowls I'm giving just about everyone, it is time for Mama to take a vacation.

This weekend I'll get to visit with my childhood best friend, the one who has known me since the first day of kindergarten. The one with whom I have a shorthand sort of language. ("How is Lucius?" "You mean, Luke Duke Lucius?" Giggles.) We throw out names, places, and events rapid-fire. Our husbands long ago realized the best way to deal with our conversations during the few times a year we see each other is to remove themselves, because they can't keep up. And they don't want to.

I am so appreciative of getting this time away. To go be Just Summer. Not the mama, or the housecleaner, or the errand-runner, or the therapy-overseer, or the nap-enforcer, or the dinner-cooker. I am so excited for a breath of fresh air.

Like my house, I need a really good spring cleaning.


  1. All i have to say is:
    "This is the happiest day of my life"
    while eating a cheese fry :-)

  2. Ahahahaha! Good ole Reags. :)