Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Brake Lights And Bumpers

This is my first time selling a house. It will be our fifth out-of-state move but our first with kids. I thought I was managing the stress.

Last week, I was talking to J in the car, and I thought I had waited until the garage door opened. But, when the garage door reached out and bit the back of my car, I realized that it must not have opened all the way before I started backing up. My husband fixed the garage door, but we'll need a new brake light.

The very next day I locked myself out of the house. When my husband came home early from work to open the door, he found my keys. In the garage. So, really I wasn't locked out. And he didn't need to come home early.

On Monday, I started the week by backing into a car at J's school. In my defense, I was parked on a hill, and anyone who drives an SUV or a van knows that there's a huge blind spot behind the bumper. A car must have pulled right behind me just before I started checking my mirrors, and I never saw the car. I guess I'll try not to choke on the $600 for a repainted bumper.

I'm on a roll. And not in a good way.

So, I decided to get back on an exercise regime. I clearly need a better way to manage my stress, and walking is much cheaper than brake lights and bumpers.

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